hi from zurich!
i am a photographer.

my name is irina

And I am a professional photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. My website shows my work at a glance. I specialise in high-end portrait, corporate, documentary photography and weddings.

about me

My overriding aim as a photographer is to bring out and accentuate the best in every person or in a particular moment and capture that in a photo. Professionalism, authenticity and respect are essential in my work.

My career as a photographer began with a four-year apprenticeship in advertising photography at a Zurich studio. I had the good fortune to obtain my Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Photography at Luca Zanier’s photo studio during my final exam year. Afterwards I worked as a freelance photographer, took continuing education courses in prepress processes, and then established myself as a professional photographer.

about working together

If you would like to get in touch with me and are interested in a great collaboration, you can connect with me via email or phone. I am bilingual (German/English), have explored many parts of our planet and yes – I can easily travel to all parts of Europe.